The Vegetarian Sunday Lunch

A Meaty Problem Radio 4 :  22/12/2015

Did you catch this programme on Sunday by Restaurateur Henry Dimbleby?

Henry wants to cut down on his meat consumption. Many scientists and policy makers think this imperative for global food sustainability, climate change and health. In an effort to understand why he is finding it so difficult, he unpicks the cultural history of the British and their relationship to eating meat.

With meat eating such a strong part of our cultural identity, he asks how we might go about re-programming ourselves so that we can reduce our intake because a radical change is needed to prevent a global food crisis.

Talking this programme over with fellow vegetarian friends, we grieved our loss of the ‘Sunday Lunch’ when once we became vegetarian because the pattern of coming together with friends and family on a Sunday is traditionally over the meaty roast!

Well we want to help change all that by launching The ‘Vegetarian’ Sunday lunch.

We are going to enjoy one Sunday lunch a month, inviting friends and family and asking they do likewise, with only one proviso – that the menu for that Sunday lunch  is vegetarian.

If you would like to join in on our campaign to establish the Vegetarian Sunday Lunch, please let us know. We intend to share recipes, photos, menus and evidence that demonstrates the need for us to change our eating patterns to ensure others have food enough to eat.