Introductions and invitations

Welcome to ‘Happy on the Hill’.

Happy on the Hill is a place offering nurture, peace, solitude and fun. Please come and enjoy it!

Welcome also to this blog where we  wish to promote all that makes us happy and can potentially improve all our lives, albeit through the art of making and crafting; slow living opportunities; beautifully made local products; the pleasures of the natural world and how to encourage its sustainability; the delights of food and drink. As well as staying with us at Happy on the Hill, please keep in touch through our blog and add your thoughts, ideas and experiences. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ode to Gabriel's Wagon by Sharon Littman who stayed from 12th-17th June 2016

No blog since February, but lots of visitors to Happy on the Hill! These have been recorded by the most generous writings and drawings in Gabriel's Wagon guest book - do read under the 'Reviews' tab on our website and below a wonderful  poem left by Sharon Littman who came to stay from the 12th to the 17th June:

Lying in roll top bath

Sipping a glass of wine

Drinking in greenery through doors flung wide

Is totally divine!

Let nature soak up all your stress.

Immerse yourself in peacefulness.

Hear birdsong, cockerel, bees and breeze

Soft rainfall dancing through the trees

And troubles drain away with ease.

 Log burner warming up inside

Tempts you away from the still night air

Where, sitting on the bench

With only candle to light and see

A barn owl glides by silently.

Eyes heavy, you turn to bed

Pillows now caress your head

With bamboo linen and mattress just right,

You sleep soundly throughout the night.

 On waking refreshed, nearby you find

Breakfast goodies of every kind

To nourish you at the start of the day

Your hosts provide this for you stay.

 However long or short your time

At Happy on the Hill

Whether you have rain or shine

You can be sure, my friend

Gabriel’s Wagon will delight you

Until the very end!

The Vegetarian Sunday Lunch

A Meaty Problem Radio 4 :  22/12/2015

Did you catch this programme on Sunday by Restaurateur Henry Dimbleby?

Henry wants to cut down on his meat consumption. Many scientists and policy makers think this imperative for global food sustainability, climate change and health. In an effort to understand why he is finding it so difficult, he unpicks the cultural history of the British and their relationship to eating meat.

With meat eating such a strong part of our cultural identity, he asks how we might go about re-programming ourselves so that we can reduce our intake because a radical change is needed to prevent a global food crisis.

Talking this programme over with fellow vegetarian friends, we grieved our loss of the ‘Sunday Lunch’ when once we became vegetarian because the pattern of coming together with friends and family on a Sunday is traditionally over the meaty roast!

Well we want to help change all that by launching The ‘Vegetarian’ Sunday lunch.

We are going to enjoy one Sunday lunch a month, inviting friends and family and asking they do likewise, with only one proviso – that the menu for that Sunday lunch  is vegetarian.

If you would like to join in on our campaign to establish the Vegetarian Sunday Lunch, please let us know. We intend to share recipes, photos, menus and evidence that demonstrates the need for us to change our eating patterns to ensure others have food enough to eat.

Finding Happy on the Hill

Of course "Happy on the Hill" was happily here all along. But as custodians of this beautiful spot, we only became truly aware of the possibilities of sharing its pleasures with others as we prepared for Gabriel and Sophie’s wedding which we celebrated on August 1st 2015.

A whole summer before – in the glow of a golden sunset we trialled cooking their wedding mezze feast over an open fire, as was achieved a year later for 160 people!

Thanks to Carolyn Thompson and Bewick who have a wealth of experience for community cooking for large feasts over a fire we had: Caponata, Labneh, Patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce,  Almendras Picantes                ( Spiced Almonds) grilled courgette and mozzarella salad, Ensalada de Naranjas Y Pasas (orange and sultana salad, Pisto ( Spanish sweet red pepper)  and lentil and feta salad!

Visitors to Happy on the Hill can choose to cook over an open fire, or a fire wok  beside Gabriel’s wagon and lots of recipes available!

We grew the flowers for the wedding day.                                                                                      

Happy on the Hill flowers will be available for you this summer.


You will be able to enjoy home made elderflower cordial made from Creech Hill elderflower blossom to quench a summer thirst as we did on that happy wedding day.


Garden salad for the wedding feast and for our visitors too.