Finding Happy on the Hill

Of course "Happy on the Hill" was happily here all along. But as custodians of this beautiful spot, we only became truly aware of the possibilities of sharing its pleasures with others as we prepared for Gabriel and Sophie’s wedding which we celebrated on August 1st 2015.

A whole summer before – in the glow of a golden sunset we trialled cooking their wedding mezze feast over an open fire, as was achieved a year later for 160 people!

Thanks to Carolyn Thompson and Bewick who have a wealth of experience for community cooking for large feasts over a fire we had: Caponata, Labneh, Patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce,  Almendras Picantes                ( Spiced Almonds) grilled courgette and mozzarella salad, Ensalada de Naranjas Y Pasas (orange and sultana salad, Pisto ( Spanish sweet red pepper)  and lentil and feta salad!

Visitors to Happy on the Hill can choose to cook over an open fire, or a fire wok  beside Gabriel’s wagon and lots of recipes available!

We grew the flowers for the wedding day.                                                                                      

Happy on the Hill flowers will be available for you this summer.


You will be able to enjoy home made elderflower cordial made from Creech Hill elderflower blossom to quench a summer thirst as we did on that happy wedding day.


Garden salad for the wedding feast and for our visitors too.