The chances of a railway wagon landing high on a hill

We often wonder how  (along with fossils and roman coins, ancient beer bottles and flint arrow heads ) our dear old railway wagon got up our precipitous hill all those years ago? We believe it was in the late 60s when she was transported from Evercreech Junction to her final resting place. When we first arrived 21 years ago, she looked like this:

Last summer, family gatherings and amazing craftsmen worked with us to transform Gabriel’s Wagon to look like this!

Thanks to Myrddin Smithson: Maker/Carpenter, or Merlin, our Wood Wizard as we know him, he constructed the arching roof over the verandah to reflect the shape of the wagon and built the  bathroom out of cedar which provides a constant lingering warm scent of incense to bathe in.  Also Merlin is maker of our fine wood shed and bespoke furniture from reclaimed wood. Contact him on 07402912945/Instagram Coedenfach.

Pete Tapp – best plumber ever and that is his real name!

   Neil - Master minder and Builder!


Neil - Master minder and Builder!

Philip Cox, alias Wiff – Much famed Somerset Digger man extraordinaire.

Eco build expert: Brother Paul with Neil and Merlin

Their skills, sense of fun and vision have made this place the haven of cosiness it is and we are indebted to them.